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I’m openign the laptop up to put in a 1TB SSD, so I might as well do the RAM whilst I’m in there!

I’ve just done similar to an Ideapad 320. It had a 2TB spinner as the main drive which I replaced with a 120GB SSD, when it came to adding the spinner as a second drive, there was a blanking plate for the old dvd rom slot and it was all moulded to just mount the drive straight in. Bonus!! :yahoo: All I had to do was get one of THESE to connect the drive to the DVD rom connectors. A fairly straightforward job made easier by a thoughtful manufacturer. :good: That SSD has made a huge performance increase over the old spinner.
It already has an extra 4GB ram installed, ( which shows for some reason as a total of 7GB ) so that should meet all my { basic } needs ).
Now I’ve got that done it’s time to repeat the process on the wife’s laptop!!

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