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The onboard graphics might be using some of the RAM?

True – it could well be that. :good:

I’m playing around with a lot of his old stuff at the moment. He’s had a couple of computers stored here since he moved into a rented flat. He just wants me to nuke the hard drives – he was doing a lot of corporate work and thinks their might be some residual logins, or other work related stuff – that’s no problem, but what to do with the machines is another matter.
The first one I’ve opened up is in a fancy NZXT full tower, with an i7 ( don’t know which yet ) Asus Rampage II Extreme ROG, ( which looks like it was the dog’s proverbials about 8 -10 years ago ) 12GB ( 6 x 2GB ) HP ram, very fancy CPU cooler, Sapphire Vapor-X HD 4890 2GB GDDR5, OCZ 700w Modular plus a few other plug in cards I haven’t worked out yet. I might just leave it running in the garage to keep it warm over winter!!

I’m going to pull out the HDD’s and drop in an SSD, load Windows10 and see if it works and then decide whether or not to keep it as a functional rig for doing things in isolation from my everyday rig. That way, I can keep an image of the SSD and just reload it if anything goes TU!! It’ll be something to play around with in the coming weeks.