Reply To: CCTV cameras to cover front drive and side access.

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Can’t comment about the cameras but had a similar experience today with some sketchy people.

They knocked my door, clear signs essentially telling everyone to get lost, I ignored it as I usually do.

Then they were up and down the cul-de-sac knocking on doors, now with Cardiff Council high vis jackets on. Their vehicle was an ancient Ford Focus Estate. Don’t think the council run those. :wacko:

Called the local rozzers and they confirmed they’d had some calls from different areas about the same 2 blokes. Van dispatched.

There is no way for them to get into my house without making a lot of noise and drawing a lot of attention, front door could stand in for a small bank vault,  one of the previous owners was a female nurse and had all the locks and hinges upgraded.

Back garden is it’s own ecosystem, probably have some Pygmies and unique species living there.