Reply To: CCTV cameras to cover front drive and side access.

Dave Rice
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OK, you want a dome or (preferably) a turret camera. A 2.8mm lens gives a coverage of 114° which would be great if you didn’t have those bay windows!

If you had two either side of the door, to cover the door you’d need to tilt them down so much you’d lose the horizontal coverage. Best things is PM me your address so I can look it up on google maps to get a vertical view which I can then put into my 3D planning software.

That will show us the view that can be had from various camera placements and orientation. I can stick a couple of cars and people in there too. On the side I’d probably go for a white light camera (rather than infra-red) so it can act as a security light too. White light on the front would probably drive you nuts.

Wiring is pretty simple, just Ethernet and crimped ends, I’d go back to a 4 port PoE switch in the loft. The question then is how to get it to the internet, wireless is an option if an Ethernet cable can’t be used. Plus of course you need power in the loft, but the demands are so low (max 7.w per camera) that we often take them off the lighting circuit.

Recording would be by an internal SD card accessed through a mobile app and / or a PC / Mac.