Reply To: CCTV cameras to cover front drive and side access.

The Duke
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As ed says gravel is the best deterrent being impossibleto get across it silently. Along with fence top trellis that can’t be climbed without it collapsing.

Dave is defo the guy to sort this out for you. He set my pub system up for me. 3 cameras with SD cards and a hikvison  app, would be a cheap and robust system.

The simplest way, would be something like 3 Google nest cameras, there quality is fantastic, but comes with, a not class leading, subscription for anything other than a few day  of online recordings.

Or you could tinker with raspberry pi cameras and a server. But then it’s managing it , and God forbid if you had to use it in anger, hoping it actually worked. So I’d not go that route.

I’d go a managed route.