Reply To: CCTV cameras to cover front drive and side access.

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Cheers all, unfortunately we’ve made all our pathways with block pavers, the only pea ( 10mm ) gravel is on the flower beds to protect them from the dogs, we now hardly ever have ( atm ).

The side drive already has a PIR LED security spotlight on it, but I’m looking for after the fact detail/evidence. Ed is right about making it more complex than the average burglar/oik wants to deal with. A Home Beat Officer from the Met called it the F**k It Factor – if you can make it look like it would take longer than 2 minutes  for them to gain entry, they’ll think F**k It and move on!!!

Dave, I’ve had a look and while we do have corner soffits on either side of the bays, the angles and window openings cause problems. I’ve got a four port hub by the TV which is near pipework that is boxed in up to the loft, so I can get the internet up there – bonus will be that I can finally fit the Ubiquiti with the wife’s approval – she’s the one driving the camera project and thus far didn’t see the need to mess about with the wifi when it was working ( sort of ) OK. Women!! :wacko:

I’m sending you a link to the outside Street View on Google Maps, plus my address.

I’ve got some Cat5 cable plus a crimping kit, plus power is up there already. There was an aerial amplifier up there, that was never used after the digital switchover and a socket or two for the essential fan!!

I’m just wiping a couple of 1TB drives from my son’s PC one of which can go into an external USB case or as I have two monitors, one of which displays emails, so could be purposed as a security monitor display/playback. My PC is in the lounge and permanently on.

Are the cameras powered individually ( off mains ) or can they be PoE’d through a different type of switch?? Just guessing here.

Thanks all for the info so far.