Reply To: What now after the end of the membership?

The Duke
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I’m a bit late to this convo, but I can remember us (me and Lee) discussing white label drop shipping about ten years ago.

There is now some good Amazon algorithm selling trick out now. That are very interesting. Drop shipping via Amazon (so you get your product delivered direct to Amazon Wearhouses. As long as your products are small (for shipping and storage costs), and you focus on the cheap end of Amazon, lick cork screws type widgets, there is money to be made.

Shame Jason isn’t still about, as I bet he is bang into something similar, given he was building am eBay business.

The product itself doesn’t matter, you just use stats to chose the produt, amend that the buyers skint like about the product and sell. If I had time I’d defo be allover it. The issue is upfront cost and the dreaded gamble.

Your looking at a few grand to get going. It’s super interesting though.