Reply To: Pancreatitis and a new diet.

Bob Williams
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I don’t have much time tonight guys.

Consultant brought bad news and worse news earlier. Bad: after the PET scan, now Monday, because I still have the bowel blockage, he goes in to take some bowel and the cancer, once the PET shows exactly where it I.

Worst news, he finds it has spread. In which case he takes the bowel to give me time.

First option: if successful I am a diabetic. Second: a matter of time. Guys,if you don’t hear from me for a month after Tuesday week, draw your own conclusions. The only part of all this that upsets me, is the effects upon my wife and family. For myself, I had a good life, a blast in many ways. But it breaks my heart to leave them or to be a burden on them.

But I am still here, still kicking.

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