Reply To: Pancreatitis and a new diet.

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Worst news, he finds it has spread. In which case he takes the bowel to give me time.

The bad news you can manage!! It’s not great, but you’ve coped over the last few years with problems – this is just another on the list. The worse news isn’t as bad as you think, because as you say, it gives you time.

You’ve dealt with a lot over the last few years, at least this will give you a chance , if not in your own time, at least on your terms.

Sorry if this sounds a bit Gung Ho or blase, but I had a glimpse of your situation a few years ago and knowledge is power – what you do with it is under your control – not a lot else is.

Good luck and God bless – that may not inspire your faith, but it can help others to cope.