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Bob Williams
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Thanks guys. Feel a bit brighter after some sleep, I find that if I go to sleep thinking about a problem, my attitude towards it has changed. My subconscious is smart!

JCD, thanks for that. Time is basically what I am hoping for. I want to sit with my missus and teach her stuff that she has always resisted. I know I should have been more forceful before, but my tiny SWMBO is an immovable object at times.

It’s better in here now that there are 2 more blokes: I was alone in a 4 man cubicle for a week. Anyone who has been in a cancer ward will know how busy the staff are, due to the nature and demands of cancers. I am now convinced that there may be a case for some treatment and ops being –  ? – delayed. In 2018, this very same ward was full and patients were shuttled in and out asap, to be replaced immediately.

Just been weighed. I am 10 stone 8 pounds. Never been that weight since I was first an adult. Now trying to be released from “K9” the appendage connected to my piping and bags of various liquids/ substances.

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