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I’ll be ringing Talktalk to get this changed. I can’t even see Talktalk’s pricing, they’re hiding behind a phone number, so I can see me cancelling. Three have lost my trust though, as I’ve got a Three broadband contract set up and active at this address, but actually in my father’s house about a mile away, and today, after over a month of questioning why I can’t set up a new contract for any similar postcodes, they’ve told me that broadband isn’t available in this area. No reply since telling them that I’ve already got one account…

I’m quite fancying the Vodafone and Apple TV setup, but I need to have a proper look at what shows are on it that I can’t already get, and what TT will do for me. I’d be happy to stay with them for now if they switch me to FTTP, as it should get rid of all the problems I’ve been having, and will fix them for the future too. Like I say though, the lack of pricing info and having to talk to a sales person puts me right off.