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Even with a brand new “smart” TV it seems separate boxes and remotes are unavoidable.

I think the ‘let down’ of this practise falls to the processing power of smart TV’s.

I have a 3yo Sony smart tv with ( 66Meg fibre ) internet fed to it via a switch. Netflix has its own button on the remote, Prime Video , iPlayer etc, come via apps. Every time you select one of them, there is a waiting process with spinning wheels of doom telling you it’s loading, connecting, etc. It’s a time-consuming frustrating process, compared to the browser experience on my  ( i5 ) PC ( or even my iPad Pro ) – let alone the Sky box experience that seems to be the benchmark for ease of use and smooth transitions from Guide or Planner to watching your choice.

On the browser there are no spinning wheels, no ‘loading’,  just straight into the home menu, click on your choice and straight into the programme, with the option of skipping the re-cap and straight back into watching the programme – all before the TV has finished logging in to your choice of provider.

The whole process needs to be speeded up and simplified, or those boxes under the TV are there to stay for some time yet.