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Ed P
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Sorry guys I was in the middle of posting when you wrote your contributions. I will delete my post.

The video of the explosion in the port of Beirut scared the pants off me. link

Purely guessing but it had the appearance of a 0.25Kt bomb blast following a nearby fire. As it was a single blast I doubt if it were a munitions store, but rather an LPGĀ  BLEVE (fuel-air explosion). This is the sort of event which gives all fire-fighters sphincter cramp or brown trousers. My thoughts go out to all the families involved as the death toll must surely be in the 100s, and damage to property huge.

The cause of the explosion is unknown at this time, but I suspect cock-up rather than Israeli/US action/sabotage.

btw the satellite view of the port shows what looks like half a dozen LPG 500 tonne spheres

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