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It looks like you’ve got the traces of having had ivy growing up there at some stage in the past. That’s a real b*stard thing for causing problems. It displaces anything, fixed or not and is probably what opened the gap in the soffit board.

I’ve got problems with some growing up our garage wall on the neighbour’s side. He’s good these days at keeping it under control mostly, but in the past, when he was working full time, it had penetrated under the roof. Not a problem ordinarily, but it’s a corrugated asbestos/cement roof that is fine for the time being, and not a risk, unless it cracks or breaks – hence the ivy being problematic.

Some soffits used to be made from asbestos ( ours was here ) but yours looks to be more recent with the built in vents. We just went over the top of our old ones with upvc cladding trimmed to fit and held on with Gripfix or similar and tidied with edging trim and joint strips. It’s not been a problem for 9 years or so and wasn’t hugely expensive.