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I look at urban pigeons  singer rodents, due to the amount and variety of diseases they carry. When we lived in the village, I used to go out and scare them off the bungalow roof with whole football rattle. Yes, that’s how long ago I wasn’t first match! Neighbours were OK after I explained, but it became too much of a chore because of the pigeons’ outstanding characteristic: they are dumb and have an attention span that would make a goldfish feel superior. They just kept coming back! Have you ever had to slow down in order to allow a pigeon’s thought processes to understand that the ton ( or more) of metal heading straight for it, may actually be injurious to its health? Most birds realised this a long time ago.

It’s why there are hawks and falcons planted and nested in high buildings of towns and cities. Their waste either encourages the growth of diseases, or is already present. I love to come across wood pigeons in a wooded environment, or on rocky areas as Rock Doves, but within built-up environments, no.