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Dave Rice
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I get mine from Glasses Direct and they are better than the Vision Express ones in all respects.

I discovered them when the mother-in-law lost her £300 boots varifocals and there was a TV ad at the right time. They really do have an optician check everything, m-i-l prescription didn’t contain eyeball separation distance so they had me take a photo of her with a credit card on her forehead for reference. The glasses arrived and they were perfect, despite going for every coating and a transition tint they were £132 comapred to £300.

In my own case Vision Direct’s latest proved OK for reading but useless for the laptop. Told I needed intermediate ones instead and they would be full price despite them admitting they knew my occupation and laptop use. So sent the prescription off to GD to find there was again missing information, soon sorted out with a quick chat about the current pair and distances involved. Two pairs, one “designer”, with three coatings £114 and it’s the cheap ones I wear most.

I will be going to them all the time from now on, next test due in about a year from now. Think I’m going to need distance ones too so it may be varifocal time.