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Bob Williams
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Thanks Les.

I haven’t been here much because I am in a lot of stomach pain and reflux atm. My intubation stopped drawing up bile for 2 days caused that. Then last night it started working again and today it filled to bursting twice, just been emptied and began filling up again immediately. I may get some sleep tonight, ready for the op tomorrow. That may take away the worst of the pain. My missus is getting some good support, because I contacted my oldest friend Mary (grew up together from babies, lived next door) Mary has organised a bunch of other friends to call my Dianne and chat. All the same age, some have had cancers. Two of my niece’s also call her and cousins from Stoke.

Guys as I say, tomorrow is the big day. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t shake a bad feeling about this op. Oh I’ll fight, but I never had this feeling before. Hopefully I will be here in a couple of weeks to say how wrong I was.

If I’m right, then let me say that I have enjoyed your company and appreciated your help when I requested it. This forum has been something else, but a forum is only as good as its membership. And that makes it something else!

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