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Ed P
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I put in some CAT5e external cable a few years ago and it worked just fine.The stuff is black to give it some UV protection so you may need some trunking for aesthetic reasons or to stop malignant squirrels chewing it. Above all avoid sharp bends as the wires inside the cable can be fairly frail. I’d guess you will need a cheap impact tool for the wall plate as most cat5 plates need it.

Add a network cable  tester to your list as you could drive yourself daft without one.

There are plenty of good how-tos on the web.

My only question is why cat6? It is far harder to install and a bit more expensive. I do like the idea of buying cables with RJ45 connectors already on as it means you can test the continuity in the cable before you start. I once made the mistake of buying some cheap cat5 that I’ll swear had random cable breaks every twenty metres or so – that burned up more in time than the money I saved.