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OK, a kill two birds with one stone product: the wall port with Ethernet and Wifi Ubiquiti with a free cloud controller and set up link TP-Link EAP225-Wall Omada AC1200 free software but needs a host PC link Both only need a single Ethernet cable. I will be using the Ubiquiti in a new project for a mates physio clinic refurb, but the Omada dedicated controller is quite reasonable so…

Thanks Dave :rose:

Ouch! I always forget how much decent wifi kit costs :wacko:

On the bright side, Ellen’s already okayed it, so I can’t get put in the doghouse, and I told her the price for the Ubiquiti kit, as this guy I know who knows lots about networks is always going on about how good they are :unsure:   :yahoo:

The only downside is that because of the extra cost, the wifi kit will have to wait until next month. I’ve just got to decide now whether to run the cables now, or wait until next month and do everything in one go. I’ve got the old Talktalk router, so I can pop that into the garage and check the signal, but checking the other side of the house will be a bit awkward. The TP-Link powerline adapter has decided that it doesn’t want to work properly, and shuts the wifi off randomly. It should be an easy fix, but we’ll see.

On the bright side, I’ve run the cable downstairs temporarily, and everything’s working as it should