Reply To: All your eggs in one basket == Cloud Disaster!

Dave Rice
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One of the comments that I totally agree with:

The fundamental problem is lack of robustness at the victim end. Ransomware (like any other attack that typically starts at the workstation) only gets to affect a corporation because it can spread internally. There are many controls that can in principle contribute to restricting its spread, but they’re just not usually implemented.

Most corporate networks are wide open: a hard-ish shell full of holes surrounding an ultra- soft centre.

Sometimes there isn’t a great deal you can do about that, especially in a smaller business, but that’s where unlinked backups come in. Synology makes unlinking backups easy and having linked (live) data protected by a versioning system. Encrypt a file? Go back to the last version. Too many? Restore last nights local backup. They (somehow) got that too? Restore last nights offsite backup and pick out any urgent files / folders to any PC anywhere via a browser.

I also use AV designed for small businesses, not home products. Even McAfee have got their act together, but BitDefender is my favourite.