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Dave Rice
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Very true. Get Broadbandbuyer to set it up for you. If you add a device later they will add it to the existing site. After the free three years it’s a couple of quid a year.

I can’t remember what they do about naming SSIDs but that’s easy to change on the controller anyway. Everything works on a site basis not a device basis, so when you change the site configuration the controller provisions the devices automatically with the new details. If a device is offline it gets changed next time it’s seen.

The devices send loads of (near) real time data to the controller (as it’s text it’s tiny in size) and you can see exactly what the clients are experiencing. If there is a firmware update for a device it will let you know and you can roll out to the whole site with one click. I check every couple of weeks.

If the controller loses sight of a device you will be emailed. If there are any glaring issues on a site the controller will flag them up and offer resolutions. It’s a different world.