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I did some tests last night and some reading – now I have a DS220+ heading my way. It’ll replace my DS116.

Influenced by the tests, the virtual machine manager and the fact that eBay is offering £1 listing this weekend so I can clear out some of the kit it’ll replace… I think also realising that I’d have to mess about with different apps to replace the Synology ones on my phone etc caused me to reconsider.

Spending £330 to avoid spending another £25 for iTunes Match :good: :whistle:

In fairness, the Mac sale is funding the purchase. I’ve been far more productive on my Windows machine recently for work than I have using macOS :wacko:   When I did my PhD, it was the complete other way round and I spent most of last year wanting a Mac for the office – now I’ve been using it full time during lockdown, I’ve found Windows to be better!