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Dave Rice
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I have the DS218+ and so does a customer. The Active Backup for Business really does the job and BTRFS global deduplication is currently running at 3x. 4TB of backups (2 x daily bare metal incremental, PCs have 2TB drives) is taking up only 1.3TB. The restore process is very easy too, it has been used in anger.

I’m using Moments to organize the photos and the face recognition / places / locations works amazingly well. I didn’t get on with MS Active Directory though and have now discounted it as a cheap way to do a Domain (365 for Business bought from MS is the way to do that with Azure AD).

I had no problems using a third party 8GB Sodimm to take the ram out to 10GB. It does use 2.3GB in everyday tasks, 1GB of that is the VMs. 7GB is being used to cache *something* and there is no swap. The customer has left his at 2GB though and it seems to run just as fast. I suspect that like Windows it makes some sort of use of whatever it can get it’s hand on just in case.