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Haven’t had a chance to set it up yet – we hired a carpet cleaner for the weekend and still waiting for the office to dry now. Last one I set up was the DS418 for my old workplace for storing our modelling data on. That was setup using EXT4 and SHR from memory, though why I went for EXT4, I can’t remember but did use SHR, so that drives could be expanded at a later date.

This one I’ll be operating as two seperate disks I think – not after RAID 1, I’ll have backups elsewhere is the plan.

Once I’ve done the initial upload, expecting it to to be a while, but after that, should be fine I guess. Still undecided if I’ll use Synology Drive or if I’ll stick with my tried and tested Resilo Sync, considering that is easily installed.

I’ll have to look at the indexing, as my 116 seems to have stopped doing it automatically, I’ll manually have to run it for it to recognise new music in DS Audio or photos in Photostation – potentially due to Resilo adding them in I guess? :scratch: