Reply To: All your eggs in one basket == Cloud Disaster!

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Synology’s C2 service is just another destination in a Hyper Backup task. You need to create a C2 account first, there’s a 30 day free trial. Hyper Backup guide here, video guide here that uses C2 as an example. It’s all pretty straightforward but explains the various options, like smart versioning.

Thanks Dave :good:

Sorry I’m a bit slow replying. I jinxed myself this time. I realised last night that after a rearrange in the office, I hadn’t turned the Synology back on. I turned it on and it beeped like crazy for ages while I was trying to log in. One of the hard drives has started to fail :cry:

After a few hours of moving files around I managed to get the most important stuff onto the external drive too, and am now just waiting for the replacement drive to arrive, hopefully on Monday.

I’m tempted to format the lot and start again, but making sure that I definitely do it properly this time.