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I did a quick signal check the other day to see exactly how bad the drop is. Standing in the living room I got -30dBm on the Android app Wifi Analyzer, but going the other side of the wall it dropped straight to -50dBm. I was less than 2ft from the router. Going through to the bedrooms sees it drop even more (the living room and kitchen are upstairs here). I’m in the office now and it’s about -65dBm. The phone is currently connecting, but the computer gets flaky. Ellen’s laptop doesn’t want to know. There are quite a few black spots around the house.

When I’m on wifi I can remote into the media PC upstairs, but it’s literally a case of click the mouse, wait a minute or two, then see the result. When it’s cabled it’s like sitting in front of a slow computer – sometimes there’s a little bit of lag, but you don’t really notice it.

The phone socket has to be in the upstairs living room, as there’s nowhere for it to come in on the landing, and I don’t want it in the bedrooms. I tried the TP-Link adaptor on the landing by the bedrooms, so pretty much over the office, and it was great. It was in just the right position to pick up where the router drops off. The powerline network doesn’t work though, so it was dropping out more than the wifi to the router was.

I could probably run a cable from the upstairs living room to the attic, and with a bit of luck it would work, but if I’m going to run wires through walls, I’d rather get it done right and not have to worry about it again (especially now that I’ve bought the kit :unsure:   :yes: )