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I’m still getting my head around it – I’m yet to try another in anger as I’m not sure I’ve got much need for anything else that Synology doesn’t already provide!

There’s a lot of piracy related ones (Sickbeard, Sonarr etc) but these can also be downloaded from Synocommunity as apps if that’s preferred (Synocommunity also offer a lot of other, decent, non piracy related items!). I guess the perks of docker is quicker updates.

Managed to resolve my issues with my Sonos yesterday. Sonos wanted me to edit the registry to allow me to connect a music library. It turns out I needed to change the minimum Samba protocol to v1, which isn’t noted on the Sonos site at all when you get the error. :negative:

When I hooked it up to the network switch and was transferring data to it, was going at ~111MBps, so I was happy with that. Beat the 30MBps I was getting over wifi. Maybe at some point I’ll wire the house, but for now, it’ll do with wifi access now that everything is on the drive.