Reply To: Brexit Preparedness

Dave Rice
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We have a government not a dictatorship, the state of Boris Johnson’s health or home status shouldn’t have any affect on the governing of the country. If he can’t lead the government then he should get out of the way.

Everything is just a U turn shit show with his lordship being absent even when he’s in London. He only shows up for show piece events he can grandstand at and appears to have little grasp of the reality or any detail. It’s even come to the Speaker having to pull him up, and thankfully no-one can now blame the Speaker himself.

The honours list is just a roll call of nepotism, cronyism and rewarding Brexiteers. Who would have thought the Revolutionary Communist Party IRA supporting Claire Fox would have been on that list? Misogynist homophobic Abbot being given a government role? Yes you can see that, should fit right in, but a terrorist supporting commie? Imagine if Corbyn had done that!