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Afternoon messing with the network causing us to lose internet for an extended period ಠ_ಠ

Was setting up a second gateway (my Huawei router, with Three SIM) to act as the gateway for the NAS, and then get the Pi Hole sorted.

Somewhere along the lines, something went tits up and the ADSL router was unreachable. Not sure how or why, but the IP address wasn’t showing on the router. Not sure if was because the upstairs equipment is accessing the rest of the house and downstairs via a wireless access point. Either way, managed to now fix my error by getting the original router up and running, I’ve set the DHCP server on that and have it pointing the DNS to my Synology.

I think the issue occuring around the time I tried to make the PiHole on the Synology the DHCP server. Anyhow, I’m now getting the DNS blocking from the Pi Hole, the Synology has port forwarding setup again, so I can access it outside the house (no thanks to Origin Broadband blocking port forwarding unless I pay an extra £2.50 a month!) and the network seems to be fine, so that’s a win finally!