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I’ve just gone through the windows version of the above, as the Missus was getting fed up with her laptop ( HP255 G4  AMD A6 6310 4GB ) being a bit slow and randomly switching off. I’ve transformed it for her with an SSD and an extra 4GB memory. I also took the opportunity to install a new DC Jack for her as the original one was intermittent and was switching off overnight.

DC Jack was just over a fiver from Ebay, 4GB memory from Amazon was £18 and the SSD was £28 for a 240GB Kingston. ( Annoyingly I had a spare 120Gb SSD, but despite my best efforts when cloning it with Macrium Reflect, I couldn’t get the partition sizes small enough to fit. )

It now flies ( relatively speaking ) so everything just opens, no dithering or caching!! She’s delighted.

Good luck with Tamara’s. :good:

Edit – I almost forgot, first thing that I did was to do a W10 reset from settings – it took a while but gave me a clean setup to clone. I also upgraded it to version 2004. ( That seems wrong writing it, but MS’s way of allocating dates seems to make the 2020 version 16 years out of date!! )

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