Reply To: Laptop ram

Dave Rice
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I probably have some DDR3 in the spares box, I’ll have a look.

2GB should be enough for Mint though and I agree with ED, slowing down is almost always down to a spinner running lots of bad sectors.  Having said that I’ve recently had to look at a laptop of very similar spec to Mrs JCD and suspected the HDD. Checked out fine and her husband having an identical one we looked at that too. Going slowly, ram almost maxed out and the spinner maxing out but checking out fine.

So may be 4Gb just isn’t enough and it’s paging that’s causing the HDD hits, but 95% of my PCs out there will have 4GB of ram (I’ve only upped to 8GB < a year) and I’m not getting anyone else complaining. However they will have SSDs so may be they are paging, just so quickly it’s not an issue?

The plan with the laptops is to do as JCD did, looks like it is the answer!