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keith with the teef
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So. Did not go camping, got a to good a deal at a motel @ M-way services bridgend. Got back today to find on the door mat 2 so far that is: parking violations @ £100 each. I think its time to take out a private procecution against welcome brake the piss pots. :yahoo:

Be on the blower to ’em monday. when I reveive the other violations coming in @ total £600.

Had a lot of luck with the weather and a great part of the country to visit and dogged the regional lock down. The peeps around there seem to be getting a l;ittle cranked.

Yes, Gower great place. I can see why they call it Gower now.

The sand dunes and surounding area @ Bridgend is great to explore. Think I will visit again. :good: