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Kieth, when you wrote “Duno why, but when ever I stay somewhere new I have to take an antihistermine other wise: snot attack.”, I thought maybe I know why.

I stopped at my sister’s about 15 years ago. The spare bedroom was FULL of junk, and I had to climb over stuff to get in bed. I was snotty at the time. A couple of months later, the same routine, but this time the bed had not been re-made. She said nobody else had used it. Snotty again. I had stopped at a farm guest house previously, all clean, but snotty of course.

Next time across, I stopped with my sister in law. I know her house is clean. Clean, not immaculate or smelling of chlorine, just healthily clean. But once more I was snotty.

I told her all this, and she asked if I was dressed differently to usual. Clean shirt etc., and I had my “best” Harris tweed jacket.

She divested me of it, put it in her tumble drier without heat, and left it most of the day. Snotty solved!

Since then, if ever I plan to wear anything that has languished in my wardrobe for a month or more, I put it on a hanger outside, in the green house, or the porch depending on circumstances.

Anything hanging in my wardrobe, open or in a proper “jacket bag”, will get me snotty if I don’t hang it somewhere fresh for a couple of days. I wear my “best” HT all the time now, probably for the last 7 years, and really should get a new best, but I suspect it could cost close on a grand. Unfortunately, I can not buy “off the shelf”, nothing fits.

Anyway, consider carefully if YOU are the cause of snotty, not the room you stay in.