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Dave Rice
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My contempt for them grows. I replaced 6 in one year.

When one of my customers moved to home working we needed a device to connect to his Virgin Hub (in modem mode) and I got a £26 TP-Link TL-WR940N. The company Synology server was moved to his house and his PC holds the master database for the accountancy software they all use so an inwards VPN server was set up on the Synology.

As you can see it’s not been idle and I know the day I installed it, 182 days ago at 17:43 hrs.

He’s even set up a second business while at home (he can now practice under his own name) and we’re using the same hardware (partitioned by permissions) but with a VOIP number for the new “phone line”.

Who needs an office for a small business? Who needs a phone line?