Reply To: ISP throttling

Dave Rice
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I have a $5 a month Digital Ocean OpenVPN server based on Ubuntu 18.04. I used to roll my own but you can now get one totally off the shelf in their marketplace. The OpenVPN server is free for two users and whilst roll your own doesn’t have any restrictions the proper commercial OpenVPN server takes the pain of user authentication files away. Just log into the server as the user with a browser and download a fully configured client, job done.

The $5 is for a single CPU 1Gb / 25GB SSD with 1TB of traffic per month and a fixed IP address, should be fine for most people. The only command line action required is an SSH log into the server (could be done with the DO console) and type “passwd openvpn” to set a password for your Access Server. After that it’s all through your browser as url/admin to do some user admin or url/user to get your client.

My server is in Telehouse London, but they have data centres all over the world. Less likely to attract attention than one of the commercial ones. With DO you only pay for the time you use your server, so if you decide after a day or two it’s not for you that’s all you pay for. I spin up and destroy Ubuntu servers for experimenting, it’s quicker than creating my own VM – literally 2 minutes – and costs next to nothing.

To get around some online banking issues via 4G (bloody Nat West) I needed to get the customer a VPN service in a hurry. 10 minutes later the server is created and the client installed and Nat West and customer happy.