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Welcome back!👍

Reading your first paragraph I thought you’d had some relationship problems when you said,

…and then after a further move to my own place a month later

but on reading your last paragraph all seems good on that front, so that’s good to hear that all went as planned, even if your PC didn’t appreciate the relocation journey!!

Looking at my PC today, I thought (That front panel needs taking off and cleaning), then remembered the accidental spare, so swapped out and all is well in the world. Looks like a new machine, too (though I suppose, to a significant extent, it is).

– that sounds about as new as Trigg’s broom!! :yahoo:

Not a lot has changed here, still most of the same bunch of forumites as before. Bob, ( Bullstuff ) has been having a tough time of it – see “Pancreatitis and a new diet” for details. Dave R is keeping us updated on this one. Other than that, work your way through the Recent Topics and you’ll see it’s not changed much.😉👍

There’s a `free PI’ Topic you may be interested in ( although possibly a bit too late ) HERE .