Reply To: Pancreatitis and a new diet.

Dave Rice
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Bob’s a bit down at the moment. Looks like the next op is on Wednesday to join some of his bowel back up, problem is the surgeon is openly musing in front of him about how tricky it’s going to be and he’s not sure how he’s going to do it.

I said to Bob its the sort of thing I do in front of customers when faced with a tricky situation. It drives my business partner wild (he’s the salesman type) and as he says you always find a way so why mention any issues? I think it’s actually a positive sign that the surgeon is going in with a proper plan and not just winging it (which is what my business partner does).

Any of you who have had a long hospital stay will know this is about the time you start a bit of despair and can’t see it ending, especially when there’s a big unknown coming around the corner and months ahead of recuperation. He’s feeling that there’s not much of Bob left, but I reminded him that “Bob” isn’t the mechanical bits he’s much more than that.

I will get back in touch with him on Tuesday, if not before, and wish him all the best. If any of you are on FB send him a friend request I’m sure he’ll be glad of it.