Reply To: Pancreatitis and a new diet.

Dave Rice
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She’s had an MRI scan, just waiting for the results. Looking less like a Simpson according to the Mrs – only 1 nominated person per day can visit and she needs her mum more than me. WatsApp for me and her bros / mates. She’ll be fine, I’m glad it’s come to a head as the GP has been useless.

Had a bit of a chat with Bob earlier:

Me: “If I’ve read it right you have an op tomorrow? All the best from everyone and see you when you’re back.”

Bob: “Yes the first of two. It’s really a rearrangement of stomas under anaesthetic. They are trying to find a way to reduce stomas to two. I have been complaining for days about pain down there. All I got was a quick look and “back in a bit” which never happened. Then a bag fell off an older, senior nurse gave everyone in sight a b********g before finding the problem, cleaning me thoroughly and getting a doc to stitch up the area where the leak came from. I am honestly exasperated with some of the nurses here. I have used the call button and waited 2 hours for a response. The contrast with my previous stay here in 2018, is marked. Thanks for the messages Dave, sometimes I am too ill to reply.

I’ll keep an eye out, when he’s posting on FB again I’ll message. Might be a while.