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…………………….I’m knackered today so concentration is hard work.

Me too!! Tuesday, yesterday and today I’ve been in the garden sorting out some dilapidated fencing. Luckily a friend replaced a broken panel at her house and decided to fence the whole side of her garden to match the opposite side and rear, which left 7 spare featheredge panels. So we’ve been removing all the old collapsed fencing and the falling apart chicken wire fence, digging out and concreting in 7 posts and fixing the panels, 6 more posts to do along with making up from scratch 5 full featheredge panels.

Came in last night at 5pm, was falling asleep in front of the tele, so went to bed early. Woke up to the alarm at 7am today, feeling rested, but still achy!! I think a long soak is order, probably Saturday after we’ve finished. :good: