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Ed P
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I’m out of date on cameras they have become quite inexpensive at £50 for HDTV  PTZ+night vision+auto tracking IP cameras. I’ll therefore leave the recommendations to Dave.

What I would suggest is that you do the following.

a) Consider a Ring-type door camera. If the door bell rings during the dark evenings of winter elderly people tend to feel quite insecure. Adding two way audio and a door chain does wonders for confidence. Best if it has a remote facility for you to monitor if required.

b) PT+autotracking on one very visible camera is a good deterrent as are very visible stickers saying 24 hour remote surveillance etc. The down-side to such cameras is that the PT/PTZ motors are on continual stop/start and two years may be all they will give.

c) Therefore fixed focus/positioning for other cameras.

d) Padlock any side gates and install motion sensitive lights, but make sure you mask the sensor to minimise false alarms from people walking by, foxes etc. (Insulating tape over parts of the sensor field works a treat as does setting the sensor up properly.

e) HF cameras consume quite a lot of PC horse-power which can be a large consideration. Avoid Windows as the incessant updates can screw up monitoring. A Linux based system would be better.