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Dave Rice
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That’s is a good point Ed. If we are upgrading a site we often leave the old cameras in place if they are at different locations to the new ones. Case in point was the Legion car park where the analogue system was on the car park lamp posts and the new IP ones are mounted on the building.

Your second point about IR wash out is why we use Hikvision Colorvu cameras in some locations. Real world comparison of the different techs here. They also use white light rather than IR when they need supplemental light. It tends to be for more up close work.

However we generally prefer AcuSense cameras as they can be set to trigger on human and / or vehicles cutting down the false alarms. They are powered by Dark Fighter tech so stay in colour in low light but not as low as Colorvu. They then use IR.

It’s for this sort of ability that you pay a little bit more, but looking at prices of “consumer” kit at the moment it’s not that much and cheaper than the likes of Nest which are ridiculously expensive. For about the cost of 3 of the top end Nest outdoor cameras (that approximate to Acusense) you could get 5 cameras professionally installed. They are only 1080P as opposed to 4mpx as well.

The Nest Cam Indoor is on sale at £90 (from £130) which is more like it. However only recordings in the last 3 hours are free. You need to factor in that pesky upload bandwidth too.