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Thanks all.

Ed, the house has warning stickers all over the place but they are due a refresh due to bleaching from the sun. There’s also a dummy camera pointing down the drive from the garage.

The WiFi signal is good all over the property apart from in the garden room which isn’t an issue for the cameras. Mum’s broadband is Virgin cable and is overkill for her, IIRC it’s 100 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up.

Dave, the whole power over Ethernet is probably too much for me as would be getting into and clambering around the loft due to my various maladies.

I’ve found some Blink XT2 (Amazon owned) and they seem to be almost perfect for what I need to do. They are totally wireless, small and have a free cloud backup. I’d like SD slots as well but I can’t find anything else that comes close, yet.  The cameras are small enough for me to tuck under the small canopy that covers the garage entrance and the side door, I might even be able to put one inside the dummy camera that’s already mounted.  The indoor ones can be hooked up to phone chargers so the bats can be saved for the outdoor ones, I don’t believe the 2 year battery life.

The specs look decent, I’d like a wider field of view but I’m almost certain that 110° would be enough for my needs. I also like the 2 way audio function.

More reading to be done tomorrow.