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Ed P
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Spend money on upgrading the gate so someone cannot just vault over it. Put trellises on the fences around her garden for the same reason. Trellis work deters as its flimsy and liable to snap and stab anyone trying to climb over it.

Your local crime prevention officer can advise, but I would bet that most burglaries in the area are done by amateurs and your main objective is to keep them out not take their pictures as they smash a patio door with a brick. For similar reasons lock up anything that could be used to help a break-in e.g. spades, hammers etc.

My own advice is to ‘case’ your Mum’s home and look for the vulnerable areas then secure them, In my view cctv should only be installed once the home is secure. Btw make sure her locks meet the latest standards. All Eurolocks fitted around the turn of the century are insecure as hell. I leave you to Google on anti-snap/bump/drill/extraction and watch the video of a tea-leaf breaking into a house using a sex toy!