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Dave Rice
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I have CCTV design software that can model the views for each camera. PM me the address so I can get an overhead and street view and I’ll gladly knock something up.

The Blink cameras are 110° so one on a corner will cover the whole aspect. The software allows me to put people, vehicles, trees, shrubs, etc in so it’s quite good at modelling most scenarios. You “aim” the virtual camera at the point you’re most interested in, say 1.5 metres high in front of the door and the software shows you the detail you’d expect to see at that distance from the camera.

As far as the garden is concerned, especially at 1080P, you’re looking for movement rather than detail until they get close. The basic detection algorithms of cameras like Blink will result in lots of false alarms due to things blowing in the wind, rain etc. and the curse of all cameras. the spiders web.