Reply To: Spytrack Nano.

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The tracker is now for sale, I only wan’t £10 and postage, you will need a subscription though.

Subs range from £10 a month to £85 for a year. It hasn’t been used for maybe 10 months and mums’ fella won’t be going anywhere without close supervision in the future.

It has a case and is near perfect condition, charges and holds a charge fine. No instructions but has the original box, instructions/ manuals are available online.

The coverage is global for the sub cost and worked well when they were abroad.

I’ve not bothered with ebay yet as you have to transfer the account over to the new owner, you can’t de-register the device as far as I can tell. Allegedly my details aren’t passed on to the new account owner.  :unsure:

I’d use it in my car if I didn’t already have a tracking device in it.