Reply To: Pancreatitis and a new diet.

Dave Rice
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Latest from Bob, the German references came about from me mentioning my Oktoberfest beer tasting box and the new restaurant in Bristol paying homage to the dining scene of grand mittel-European cafes.

I wasn’t completely out during this latest op, just woozy. But as soon as I got back to the ward I crashed for 3 hours. Another on 28th of this month.
I am walking with my stick now and washing myself in the bathroom, but am out of sync with the rest because I have to wait for my feeder to be disconnected and unhooked from the stand.
Tubes are out of my stomach, gullet and nose. I feel more free for all that.
I remember those beers, but can’t eat curry, although I loved bratwurst with lots of ketchup: German Vitakrone (?) which is much nicer than Heinz IMO. Morrisons used to sell it but strangely none of the German outlets have it.
I turned my son on to bratwurst and he still loves it. The soup I liked in Germany was Ochsenschwansuppe mit Champing ons – oxtail soup with button mushrooms. Loved that, never found it again. Last time I went over I bought 6 cans to take back.
Nebuliser time, have to go. Thanks for the contact Dave, all the best