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Speaking of the i5 10th Gen (which Dave did 😃), its Amazon deal day today so I ordered a Surface Pro 7 for £659. Core i5 1035G4, 8GB DDR4, 128 GB SSD. I ordered the type cover as well and it should arrive on tuesday next week. I really brought it to compile my C++ programming efforts quickly but it looks like the iris plus graphics arn’t too bad either.

I should have waited, as I got the 256GB version a few weeks before at a larger price, even with University discount 😟

Talking about heating, we’ve moved my desktop in to the bedroom(!) as I have it running distributed computing projects – we found last night that it takes the edge of the chill within the room whilst we’re feeding Aoife overnight! Putting that heat to good use whilst helping science. The white noise also helps her to sleep, though it’s not a very loud machine. (Ryzen 1600) :good: