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Dave’s hit the nail on the head – it’s more for the archiving than day to day use.

I’ve switched from Fastmail to my Mythic Beasts hosting today – mails switched via Thunderbird today. I over estimated my storage, as I’m using 1023.98 MB / 5.00 GB of my Mythic Beasts storage now, so I’ve got some headroom and if needed, I can auto archive some emails to local folders and get them off the server. Backups of the Maildir/Mbox on to the Synology will be the way forward – versioned via Hyper Backup, this will allow me to go back if needed.

Interestingly, Roundcube and the MB servers are far quicker than when I used iCloud and iCloud sync on my iOS devices! So I’ll have saved myself some money by looks by getting rid of Fastmail at renewal.