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Much faffing about with Windoze  convinced me to Linux it.

After a few OpenShot renders.

The file was 13 minutes, not the 9 I thought it was.  I used the H.264 QSV, it was just H.264 on the X220.  The same settings as the mega long render on the X220 (4K, 60 FPS, High quality took 49 minutes. Dropping the FPS to 30 took 32 minutes. Dropping the quality to medium took 34 minutes. :wacko:

I can’t tell the difference between the 60 and 30 fps high quality renders, I think I can see a tiny difference between them and the 30 fps medium render but I’m not 100% certain.

Installing Mint was a PINTA, it would boot fine of a flash drive (after some tinkering with the UEFI settings) but it would fail the installation. Turns out it hated some of my flash drives. :scratch: