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    Dave Rice
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    Berlin was getting warmer and warmer as the week went on. It got to 28 so the 26 back home today doesn’t feel so bad.


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    Most I saw today was 28. Way to hot for me.

    Air con is great but climate control is a different thing. Whack it on auto after the car has been in the sun, temperature drops quickly. I can’t stand it for very long as the fans are LOUD but 10 minutes or so is enough to bring the cabin down to levels I’m happy with.

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    Ed P
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    Most I saw was 28 but as I was working in the sun without shade it felt quite toasty.


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    We’ve got a 29 due here tomorrow ( later today ) and already the wife’s COPD is running amok. She’s had difficulty deep breathing this afternoon. We’ll see how it plays out later, but I envisage an easy day ( no chasing for bits and pieces,) but she’ll need a fair bit of my time!!


    The Duke
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    Don’t think it got that hot here, but it was very yesterday. Looks like today will beat yesterday!!

    Was great for takings. ?


    Bob Williams
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    ‘Only’ 29 at Sutton on Sea today and the place is packed, I was lucky to find a space after going around town once and a car pulled out, giving me a good spot nearer the seafront. It’s getting really popular there with young families and Oldpharts like us. No surprise as it has no arcades, no noise except hundreds of screaming kids in the paddling pool. Dunes are long and big now, plenty of small sheltering spaces for those who want that. Had a great sandwich and tasty salad at “The Stepping Stones” where we have eaten for years, followed by a Farmer Brown’s delicious ice cream (we know how to live it up!). Had to eat healthy today, as last night I had the worst soss & mash ever! Granddaughter’s BF paid for that, so I didn’t feel too depressed about it, lol.?

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    Showing 38 on the garden thermometers again today. Shouldn’t moan I suppose but it IS too hot ?


    The VFM Addict
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    Met Office has it as having hit 33 where  I am (4 miles NE of Heathrow) at 4pm today.  It felt more like 37. They are predicting 24 at midnight. I predict zero sleep due to such. Roll on Autumn ; love its colours love its temps.


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